Floorboard Lengths

Standard mill runs are random length. However, you can also choose customised lots of fixed length short, medium or long boards.

Our longest boards extend to 3 metres or more—longer than anything available from mass producers.

For a truly organic, craftsman laid look we recommend mixed or random length lots of floorboards.

Please contact us for more information about available board lengths as stock levels change constantly.

Suitable Applications

Our unfinished engineered floors are suitable for any type of installation, such as nail down, glue down and floating.

Structurally, they’re suitable to lay over floor joists without additional reinforcement (may need to change this slightly) and are also ideal to lay over concrete screed and heated floors.

And because they’re engineered floors they’re also suitable for centrally heated rooms and spaces prone to big changes in humidity. For example, kitchens, bathrooms, attics and conservatories.

By contrast, solid oak planks will expand, contract and warp with temperature and humidity changes. Solid oak flooring is totally unsuitable for centrally heated rooms, or any space where humidity cannot be carefully regulated within set limits.