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Naked Floors are a UK based wood floor manufacturer supplying flooring to all areas throughout Brighton, Hove, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, Hampshire and nationwide across the UK and further afield to the Channel Islands, Outer Hebrides, Northern and Southern Ireland and Continental Europe.

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Naked Floors can provide as much or as little assistance as you require. We offer three levels of service: “Supply Only”, “Supply and Installation”, “Supply and Finishing” or “Supply, Installation and Finishing”

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Naked Floors are unique in the market for Oak Flooring. The colours in the range of oak floors offered have been developed and created by ourselves.

We are not in the business of mass production and dumping stocks of Oak Floors in the warehouses of distributors around the globe just to keep up 24 hours a day production where low price reflect a low product lifecycle.

Purchasing an Oak Floor from Naked Oak Floors is not only an investment for the structural integrity of your property but will form a major part of your décor. Naked Oak Floors are hand finished and designed to be walked on and admired by generations to follow.

Supply Only

Naked Floors produce and supply a range of Hardwood Oak Floors including Narrow Engineered Oak Floors with a minimum width of 90mm up to a maximum width of 300mm for Wide Plank Oak Floors, available:-

  • Pre-finished engineered waxed or oiled oak floors.
    Available in widths ranging from 90mm up to 300mm
  • Unfinished engineered oak floors.
    Available in widths ranging from 90mm up to 300mm


Supply and Installation

In addition to the supply of Oak Flooring, we have our own experienced floor fitters trained by us to exacting standards and are committed to offering the best quality workmanship and minimal disruption to our customers.

Supply and Finishing

Finishing of wood floors, particularly floor staining and oiling is a craft, for optimum results wood floor finishing should therefore be carried out by an experienced wood floor finisher only.

If you have purchased Unfinished Oak Floors from Naked Floors and commissioned either your builder or professional floor fitter other than our own to install them, Naked floors has an in house team of specialist floor finishers trained to apply the Naked Floors unique range of floor stains, oils and waxes and are able achieve specialist ageing effects.

The advantage of our unfinished oak floors is that the Naked Floors unique range of blended Coloured Floor Oils and Hardwax Oils can be tailored to your desired finish only through the on-site finishing process, particularly when it comes to specialist wood flooring effects such as:

  • Floor staining.
  • Liming
  • Aged and distressed effects
  • Oiling, Waxing and Lacquering

No factory finished Oak Floor will come close to the beauty of a Naked Floor that has been through the process of hand finishing that is why we have developed our unique range of oak floors

Supply Installation and Finishing

Naked Floors offer a complete supply, installation and finishing service. If you so desire we can take care of your complete Wood Flooring project throughout all the stages form supply through to subfloor preparation, installation and finishing.

Naked Floors offer as much or as little assistance as you require.

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