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In 2019 there’s a new flooring trend under foot. White wooden flooring. Traditionally when you think of wooden floors you’ll think of wood bringing nature’s warm colours into your home. However white wooden flooring brings super chic minimalist Scandinavian style. Read on for a closer look at this stylish new flooring trend.

Naked Floors Flooring trends

Why choose White wooden flooring?

It is currently a trend we see a lot in high end interiors and a popular enquiry from interior designers. White wooden flooring opens up a space as it reflects light around a room. Whilst white tiled floors can seem stark and clinical, in contrast the rustic nature of natural wood provides a softer feeling under foot. Wooden floors are much easier to keep clean than carpets and have a longer lifespan

Traditionally white wooden flooring is associated with Scandi style decor. A light airy decor style designed to make the most of the light especially through the long dark winter months. However as white is a perfect starting point for decorating and a blank canvas it works well for so many different styles of decor. It can be the perfect background to bring a neutral scheme together. Alternatively adding colours that pop against your white floors creates a real impact too. Here are some decor styles that work particularly well with white floors

Scandinavian Minimalist – A perfect match with mid-century statement furniture pieces. Natural materials such as leather and wood feature in this decor style. Use neutral coloured woollen blankets and sheepskins to accessorise and bring texture into the home

Scandinavian Style wooden floors

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Rustic boho – Rattan furniture, linen textiles, beaded lampshades and plenty of wicker baskets and accessories.

Rustic white wooden floors

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Monochrome home – A perfect neutral palette on floors and walls with just a few dark accents to create contrast against the white wooden floor.

Wide plank white woooden floors by Naked Floors

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Shabby Chic – Another popular rustic style. Rather than the wood and white contrast of rattan, one of the main features of shabby chic is painted antique furniture which looks great against white floorboards.

Naked Floors Shabby chic white floorboards

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Coastal Style – Easy, elegant and style with comfort at it’s heart. Ocean hues, off whites and light textures sit perfectly on white wooden floors to create this look.

Naked floors Coastal Style white floors

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Rustic Industrial – Pared back with minimal furnishings, industrial finishes and elements of bare wood and metal

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Get the look in your home

There are two ways to give wooden floors the whitewashed colour that has become so popular in the photoshoots that feature in interiors magazines, instagram and pinterest.

1- Apply a white pigment. This process is usually for Fir wood

2 – Treat the wood with lime or lye. This process is normally for Oak wood

White washing an existing wooden floor on site can be extremely difficult to achieve in situ. Applying the process is time consuming therefor costly, easily doubling the installation costs, additionally there is no guarantee that you will be able to achieve an even finish across the whole floor.

Naked Floors Pre-finished White wooden flooring

Our white wooden floors are made to order here in Sussex with a wide variety of options to suit any interior design scheme. We use a natural air drying process instead of UV curing. Unlike mass produced floorboards we use natural wood oils with very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are better for both the environment and the health of your home.

Floorboards are pre-finished with tongue and groove on all edges with a variety of widths and lengths to choose from. We also make parquet blocks in both herringbone and chevron designs which are becoming increasingly popular.

Whatever your home style we can match a floor to suit your needs so contact us for advice on creating the perfect floor for your home