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If you are restoring a period home you’ll want a floor to match the character of the building. Whilst you may think reclaimed wood floors are just what you need, have you considered using repro reclaimed floorboards?

Repro reclaimed floorboards are something that we specialise in here at Naked Floors. We’ve worked with property owners, developers and interior designers to create and supply repro reclaimed floorboards in character properties and heritage restorations. These even include Grade I and II listed buildings. In these projects creating a floor with the look of well worn antique floorboards is a necessity to meet planning requirements.

What is a Repro Reclaimed floorboard?

Firstly let’s take a look at exactly what a repro reclaimed floorboard is. It is essentially a floorboard which we distress manually to create the look of an antique floorboard already in use for years. However our boards still retain the strength of a new engineered wood floorboard. Before applying a finish, the boards are pummelled and tumbled to create impressions of wear on the surface. We also rough up the edges to create a well worn look.

Varley Hall Repro Reclaimed floorboards by Naked Floors
Varley Hall Repro Reclaimed Floorboards


Using a manual process means that each individual floorboard is unique. There’s no danger of a mass produced finish or uniform look that you can get with machine finishing. For example take a look at our aged and distressed Sussex Burnt Oak Floorboards   with hand cracked surfaces, distressed edges and even hand bored fake woodworm!


Sussex Burnt Oak Repro Reclaimed Floorboards by Naked Floors
Sussex Burnt Oak Repro Reclaimed Floorboards


We design these floorboards to look in keeping with historic Georgian buildings of which there are many in Sussex in both towns such as Brighton as well as villages in the countryside.

So lets look at the reasons why you should look at choosing repro reclaimed wood floors over reclaimed floorboards in your renovation project

Sourcing Reclaimed Wood Floors

Price – reclaimed wood floors are expensive. Taking into account the time that it takes to source the floor and ensure you have

Supply – reclaimed wood floors can be hard to source. It may take you months to find the type of flooring you need. When you’re project managing a home renovation accurate delivery timescales help keep your project on track. You may find your perfect floor but what if you are a few square metres short of what you need to cover your floor. You either look for an alternative or find more reclaimed wood flooring which is a close match from another source. And then you have to hope that, after installation they will match together by sanding and finishing with matching staining products.

Quality – can you guarantee the quality of your wood floor? Do you know what products it has been treated with? Are they safe and low VOC? Can you ensure that it has proper treatment for bugs and pests which can live in the wood?

Strength – old wood deteriorates over time drying out and becoming brittle and more porous. Wood expands and contracts with temperature changes and it simply can’t cope as well with modern heating systems and quick temperature changes

Preparation – Once you’ve sourced your reclaimed wood floor you’ll need to test various samples of it with different types of products to ensure you get the exact colour and finish you want in your home. It will then need to be sanded and finished on site.

Now compare this with purchasing our repro reclaimed floorboards

Firstly there is the ease of sourcing. No need to search endlessly on google only to call and discover there is not enough stock to meet your needs. Simply look on our website to discover our range of Repro Reclaimed Floorboards. Then call us to source the samples that you need.

Quality assured – Our floorboards are made from strong new wood. This has a much longer lifespan than you could expect from a reclaimed wood floor.

Your perfect match – Why search for what’s available when you can choose exactly what you want? There’s no guesswork on the final colour and finish before it arrives in your home. Additionally your sample floorboard will help to guide your sourcing choices for other aspects of your renovation plans. Think paint colours, furniture choices or kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

Pre-finished and ready to use – No onsite finishing. Which means no messy, noisy sanding. No smell and downtime whilst you wait for each finishing treatment to dry.

So you can see that there are some major advantages to going repro! To see more of our take a look at this luxury apartment installation case study on our blog. Alternatively here are some quick examples of retro reclaimed flooring supplied by Naked Floors.

The Rose and Crown

The new owners of this country pub came to us with a brief to replace the existing carpets with a new wood floor.

Reclaimed floors for pub renovation
The Rose and Crown Pub, Mayfield, East Sussex

However as the pub is a grade II listed building the floor needs to be in keeping with the character of this historic village pub. Our Sussex Burnt Oak was the perfect choice for this heritage building. Would you believe this really is a brand new floor!

Aged wooden floors


Georgian country manor

The restoration of this Georgian country manor called for floorboards that matched the age and character of this historic home. Again our Sussex Burnt Oak was the perfect choice.

Distressed edges and artificial worm holes all add to the well worn antique feel in this beautiful home

Luxury penthouse in an old school building

Our client moved into this apartment only to find the developer’s choice of shiny laminate flooring wasn’t to his taste. Especially for this luxury apartment in what used to be a historic school building. The laminate was quickly replaced with these beautifully aged Repro Reclaimed Varley Hall Floorboards. Click to read the full story and see more pictures of these lovely apartment floors on our blog.


Antique reclaimed floors by Naked Floors

If you’re looking to add character to your heritage renovation take a look at our range of Repro Reclaimed Flooring and contact us for a sample board.

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