Naked Floors is very flexible and dynamic wood flooring company that will manage anything to facilitate the smooth running of a successful Wood Floor Installation project.

Whether it be arranging for the contents of a property to be packed and put into storage prior to your Wood Flooring being delivered to site, liaising with builders and architects or with other service providers such as plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators or gas and telecoms providers on your behalf. Naked Floors can provide as much or as little assistance as you require

Naked Floors only install their own range of Hardwood Oak Floors including narrow engineered oak floors with a minimum width of 90mm up to a maximum width of 350mm for Wide Plank Oak Floors, available:-

  • Pre-finished engineered oiled oak floors.
  • Pre-finished lacquered oak floors.
  • Un-finished engineered oak floors.

The benefit of purchasing unfinished oak floors is specialist finishes can be achieved only through our on-site finishing process, particularly when it comes to a truly unique wood flooring effect such as floor staining, liming and aged & distressed effects.


There are many ways to achieve a successful Installation of Engineered Hardwood Floors; Installation Of Wood Floors can either be a relatively straight forward process or a complicated process. Floor Laying, fitting and Installation of any Hardwood Floor requires a wealth of experience.

Every Wood Flooring installation project is different and every sub floor (that’s the existing base on which your floor is to be installed) will require different levels of preparation. Sub floor preparation can be extremely time consuming and labour intensive but it is critical not to try to cut corners in an attempt to skimp and save to reduce the overall cost of installation that can result in a substandard floor installation.


Sub Floor preparations that we carry out include the following and more, as and when required:-

  • Removal of existing floor coverings, carpets, laminate, vinyl, tiles etc…
  • Uplifting of old floorboards
  • Concrete floor levelling / screeding
  • Moisture and humidity testing
  • Application of Liquid Damp Proof Membranes (DPM’s) and Liquid Moisture Barriers for concrete floors
  • Ply wood lining
  • Repairs to sub floor joist framework, including complete re-construction of timber sub floors that have decayed due to dry rot or Woodworm infestation
  • Installation of sub floor ventilation external air vents and bricks
  • Insertion of additional load bearing concrete / brick supports

Above Floor installation techniques we carry out include:-

  • Trimming door frames to enable our Oak Floors to be inserted under the door frames
  • Trimming of doors
  • Trimming of existing Skirting Boards in situ’ to enable our floors to tuck under the skirting’s
  • Installation of sunken entrance door mat wells and coir matting
  • Supply and fitting of radiator pipe ferrules / collars
  • Supply and fitting of Fire Place hearth surrounds
  • Trimming of kickboard / plinths under kitchen units
  • Creating Inspection Hatches for under floor access
  • Replacement of stair case steps and risers or cladding of existing steps

Our Floor Fitting and installation services can only be described as impeccable with the finest attention to detail.

Naked Floors are considered to be Master pieces; we are as proud of our reputation and unique Wood Floors finishes and want you to enjoy them for a lifetime.

Our service to you does not end on completion of your project, we offer a full after care maintenance service as and when required.

If you require further information about our Wood Floor Installation Services, please do not hesitate to telephone or email us via the online enquiry form.

We look forward to hearing from you.