Changing the colour of wooden floors

Staining a wood floor is a true art form just like French Polishers use a mixture of wood stains, oils, waxes and shellac to produce truly stunning furniture. Naked Floors wood floor staining craftsmen follow a similar process but on a larger scale.

Naked floors have mastered the art of Floor Staining which can completely transform the dullest of wooden floors into a true work of art. Every wood floor has its own patina and every floor we stain will be individual in its own right, it cannot be copied.

The process of staining a floor is not as simple as rolling a coat of paint on the walls, the sanding preparation, machinery used and the skill involved not to leave any evidence that a machine has passed over a floor prior to staining is again a skill in itself, a skill that takes many years to master.

At Naked Floors we take the traditional approach, all of our floors are stained by hand and the Wood Floor Stains are applied with a traditional wood floor rag produced from the finest woven cotton.

At Naked Floors we are proud of our achievements and delighted to have been commissioned to restore and Stain Wood Floors in amazing properties dating back to the 18th century, our stained wood floors have been walked upon and admired by many a famous individual such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

There are many different types of Wood Floor Stains on the market, Naked Floors have sampled and trialled many brands, we do not use off the shelf consumer wood floor stains as they produce unsatisfactory results, disappointingly floor stains available off the shelf on the high street seem to obliterate the grain of the wood. At Naked Floors we only use professionally available wood stains that enhance the grain of the wood. We are also in the process of developing some of our own unique colours.

Our service to you does not end on completion of your project, we offer a full after care maintenance service as and when required.

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