Oak Floors Supplied and Fitted:

alt="Naked Floors floor sanding company - Hardwood Floors Supplied and fitted"

At Naked Floors, we offer a carefully selected range of both Hardwood Floors and Engineered wooden floors for both residential and commercial properties. In addition we have access to stocks of reclaimed Victorian softwood pine floorboards.

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Floor Installation:

Naked Floors floor sanding company - Floor fitting

At Naked Floors, Floor Sanding, Fitting and Restoration is our only business. We have the experience and offer specialist and expert advice on all your Floorboard finishes.

Our floor sanding, fitting and finishing services include the preparation, sanding, staining, polishing, laying, finishing and restoration of all types of wooden floors, both Hardwood, Parquet and Softwood.

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Floor Restoration:

Naked Floors floor sanding company - Floor Restoration

Bring your old floors to life, at Naked Floors we are passionate about what we do, we remove your old unhealthy, dust mite infested carpets and lovingly restore and bring to life what lays beneath. We are fanatical about all that we do.

Our restoration service includes the replacement of damaged floorboards and parquet wood blocks, where possible we source reclaimed boards or blocks to match the existing colour of the originals.

At Naked Floors, we are proud to have been involved in some of the most exciting property restoration projects both commercial and residential in some of the finest period properties dating back to the 18th Century.

No matter what the condition of your floor, we have the experience and know how to transform your floors to include them as a main feature of your interior décor.

Whether your floors are collapsing in a corner, need completely uplifting and reinstalled, sub floor joists replaced, a few boards or Parquet Blocks missing, black perimeters, left by the Victorian’s when they used to paint the floor edges black and place rugs in the centre of floors, we will transform your floors.

Take a look at our portfolio of some of our recent works.

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Floor Sanding and Finishing:

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No matter what the condition of your floor or the type of timber, let us show you the beauty of a Naked Floor. We strip your Floors Naked in preparation for Sanding, Gap Filling (if necessary), Staining (if desirable) and Sealing.

At Naked Floors, we pride ourselves in our floor sanding and finishing techniques.Sanding and finishing a floor is an art form and takes many years of experience to master the art and produce professional results.

We have worked on hundreds of wooden floors of many different types, both hardwood and softwood in both commercial and domestic environments, including pubs, clubs, offices and gymnasiums.

We continually invest in the latest heavy-duty industrial type sanding machines to produce the finest of finishes.

We provide the service of floor sanding and finishing to your newly laid hardwood floors or if you have old solid hardwood floor or pine floorboards we can sand and refinish them.

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Floor Sealing:

Naked Floors floor sanding company - Floor Sealing

To enhance the natural beauty of wood we use a range of hard wearing, environmentally friendly & durable floor sealants with Matt, Satin & Gloss finishes.

The durability of water based polyurethane resins are used to combine a high degree of wear and chemical resistance within both residential homes and commercial premises, are fast drying, offering minimal disruption and produce very little odour during application and the drying process.

Gap Filling:

Naked Floors floor sanding company - Gap Filling

Our craftsmen at Naked Floors are able to completely fill all gaps between floorboards with a specially prepared filling compound or for larger gaps, insert wooden slivers.

Floor Staining:

Naked Floors floor sanding company - Floor Staining

We offer a variety of stains to compliment your décor. At Naked Floors we have mastered the art of Floor Staining. No matter what the area of your floor, 10 square metres or 500 square metres there is only one way to achieve the best possible finish, to apply the stain by hand.

Floor staining is becoming increasingly popular, if you have existing pine floorboards for example, when sanded and sealed, they usually appear a honeycomb or butterscotch colour. If you are not a fan of the stripped pine look, a stained floor is the way forward. Applying stain to a floor will enhance the appearance of any wooden floor and is available in many different colours from a Light Oak through to a darker shade of American Walnut or the colour of Jacobean.

At present dark colours like Brown Oak, American Walnut or Jacobean seem to be very fashionable.

At Naked Floors we do not use high street branded products such as off the shelf coloured Varnishes, which consist of a colour mixed with a floor lacquer, these products in our opinion do not produce satisfactory results, they actually disguise the beauty of the grain. We only use professionally available floor Staines and use a method where the stain is applied to the floor prior to the first coat of floor lacquer.

If you are considering installing a new hardwood floor and are on a tight budget, although not the same it will work out more affordable to install a new pine tongue and groove floor and choose a floor stain of your choice of colour.

If you have an old floor with a mixture of original floorboards and new floorboards from repairs carried out over the years, when sanded, there will be a variation in the colour. If this is the case opting for a stained floor will even out the colour across the entire floor.

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Cable Rerouting:

Naked Floors floor sanding company - Cable Rerouting

Do you have annoying, unsightly telephone wires and sound system speaker cables scattered around the edges of your floors? As a part of our floor sanding, restoration and hardwood floor fitting services, we are able to re-route wires and cables under your floors.