Unfinished Hardwood Oak Floor Boards

As the name suggests the Floorboards are supplied and fitted with no protective coating. The advantage is the customer has the choice of various finishes such as a choice of coloured Wood Floor Stains, unfinished hardwood oak floors can then be stained if desired with a view to closely matching the existing colour of furniture, wood panelling or other wood items. A choice of protective finishes such as lacquer (varnish), wood floor wax or oil are widely available online.

Prefinished Hardwood Oak Floor Boards

When the time comes to choosing a hardwood floor, either solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, prefinished flooring will demand less time to install. As the name suggests our hardwood floorboards have been pre sanded and finished in our workshop with a wood floor wax or oil thus eliminating the finishing process on site.

Antique Wooden Flooring

Most antique wood flooring is available from two sources: recycled oak beams or floorboards from demolished buildings and barns.

Due to the ever increasing demand, antique wooden floorboards are becoming a diminishing resource and therefore subject to limited availability, long lead times are therefore not unusual from the time of ordering to installation.

Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Hand Scraped Wood Flooring is an alternative to antique wood flooring. As the name suggests, the planks are hand scraped to form a lot of character. Real hand scraped wood flooring is very expensive due the amount of labour involved to produce such works of art, It is unfortunate that there are now manufacturers in the far east who try to replicate hand scraped floors with machines rather than working the boards traditionally by hand. These replicated hand scraped boards are easily identifiable on the market as each and every board will have been machine scraped at exactly the same point on every board thus resulting in no uniqueness for individual boards.

At Naked Floors we produce our own range of Aged and Distressed Oak Flooring.

Our website has been designed to give you an insight to our range of Oak Floors and the range of finishes we offer. Once you have reached the point where you would like to begin a helpful dialogue with us to view our oak samples simply telephone or email us or book an appointment to visit our workshop.

For our range of non hand worked prefinished, waxed or oiled and unfinished oak floors we are happy to provide samples via the post for a small postage and packaging charge. We only charge what it costs us to package and post the samples to you. Should you decide to go ahead and make a purchase the cost of that packed and posted sample will be deducted off your final purchase of Oak Flooring.

Our range of hand worked, uniquely coloured and finished floors are not available to purchase off the shelf. All of our floors are produced to order and made in our Sussex workshop. Please contact us regarding lead times for production through to delivery as lead time are variable.

We love to talk Wood Floors and appreciate that viewing samples in your hand is the final part of making a decision for your wood floor installation project. As we will already have had initial telephone dialogue regarding a sample you have viewed on our web site, we will arrange a visit to your property with a selection of sample boards so you can take a close up view.

We are just as passionate as you are about creating the exact floor you want to compliment your decor. High-pressure sales is not what we are about, you simply view and choose!

Each of our Representatives has had hands-on experience of installing wood floors. Our representative can help you:

  • Decide on the type Oak Floor and finish, based on your input and budget.
  • Measure your floor space to calculate the square metres required.
  • Survey your existing floors to determine exactly what sub floor preparation is required prior to installation, every Wood Flooring installation project is different and every sub floor (that’s the existing base on which your floor is to be installed) will require different levels of preparation to include alterations to existing skirting boards.
  • Work with you directly or communicate with your architect, builder or interior designer.
  • Coordinate the delivery and installation with you or your builder or project manager.
  • Set up the delivery date directly to the job site.

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