White Fumed Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

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Product Summary

Introducing our white fumed Oak Flooring line. Fine, white ash silver veins on a dark mixed base of potter’s brown and burnt orange. Faded smudges of ancient copper and chestnut reveal the knotted sinews that make each plank of wood unique.

We made this floor for customers who want:

  • A warm and earthy, classic ‘cerused’ style two-tone oak that shimmers slightly with changing light.
  • A wood floor finish that meets the stylistic needs of Victorian and early to mid 20th Century renovation projects, but can also serve to ground more contemporary style interiors.

Order a sample today and see it for yourself. The photos don’t really do it justice.

Product Description

If you dislike high gloss finishes, you’ll love white fumed Oak. It has a brushed, textured finish, It’s slightly rough to the touch.

Our expert craftsmen finish every floorboard by hand with an ultra low VOC mineral wax oil. This penetrates, protects and seals the solid oak wear layer, maintaining its unspoiled appearance through years of wear.

As with all our oak floors, the Naked Floors White Fumed Oak range gives you:

  • The durability and stability of an engineered hardwood floor that can be installed in any room, including spaces with underfloor heating.
  • The structural strength of a thicker engineered wood floorboard. It can be laid directly on timber joists without additional support. It’s 21 mm thick.

Interiors this floor would suit

White Fumed Oak makes a perfect choice for renovations of a wide range of British heritage public spaces, such as civic buildings, Victorian libraries, lounges, tea rooms, public houses, meeting halls, exchange buildings etc.

And for residential buildings, it’s ideal for authentic Victorian home renovations, church conversions or any suburban home, where you want to infuse some older world character and sophistication. It’s a particularly popular choice for early to mid 20th century properties.

About white fumed Oak

Fumed oak is also known as smoked oak. Contrary to popular belief, smoke is not used at any point in the fuming process. The fumes are actually ammonia fumes, derived from a strong solution of ammonia, which is a traditional cleaning agent.

It’s called white oak, despite the dominant reddish brown base colours, because white oak is the preferred species of wood to use. Ammonia fumes react best with the white grains in the wood.

We use a traditional fuming process that has its roots in the Victorian era.

Fuming creates a two tone effect, where the open wood grains take on a contrasting colour to the dominant base colour.

This two tone effect is often loosely termed ‘cerused’ wood. Cerusing goes way back to Tudor and Bourbon times. In those days, craftsmen used Ceruse, (an archaic name for white lead pigment), to stain the wood grain.

Fuming is one of a few ways to ceruse wood these days.

The two tone, cerused effect was also popular with the Art Deco movement during the 1920s and 1930s. Like walnut, which was also popular for its contrasting grain pattern, Cerused wood featured in a lot of furniture and decorative fittings of the day.

One Naked Floors customer chose White Fumed Oak for a 1930s semi-detached renovation project a while back, remarking that it was the wood equivalent of two tone satin paisley.

Pairing ideas for white fumed Oak Floors

  • Retro wallpapers
  • Art Deco furniture and fittings
  • Paisley prints
  • Shelves of old books
  • Light pastels
  • Large, leafy houseplants
  • Blue or green rugs and accent walls.

If you’re looking for a truly striking floor to make your space both interesting and unforgettable, white fumed Oak is a superlative choice. Especially so if you want to add a touch of old world character and affluence.

Order a sample today. When you touch the textured surface and look at it under different light conditions, you’ll understand why so many customers choose it to bring their homes and other spaces to life.


Floorboard Physical Specifications

Board / Block Width: 180mm, 220mm

Construction: 2 Layer Engineered

Thickness Total: 21mm

Board Thickness & Profile: 21mm--6mm-on-15mm

Wear Layer: 6mm

Core: 15mm Birchwood Ply

Length Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Micro Bevelled

End Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Square Surface End (No Micro Bevel, Designed For Continous Flow)

Board Type: Floorboard

Length: Random length consignments up to 3 metres max. Most boards per consignment are between 2m and 3m. There will also be a few boards shorter than 2m that can be used for starting individual rows.

Pack Size: Variable - sold by the square metre

Floorboard Colour & Finish Details

Product Line: White Fumed Oak

Finish: Wax Oil / Hand Finished

Grading: Character

Surface Sheen: Matt

Surface Texture: Brushed / Textured

White Fumed Oak Engineered Wood Flooring - 220mm Wide, 21mm Thick
White Fumed Oak Engineered Wood Flooring
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