Rocher Oak Herringbone Flooring

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Product Summary

Introducing Rocher Oak Herringbone Engineered Flooring. Rich, decadent chocolate brown wood flooring. Arguably the world’s most luxurious and indulgent hardwood floor finish ever. At least, that’s what our wood staining specialists had in mind when they created it.

Who we made this floor for:

  • Inner sensualists who believe it’s wrong to have to choose between dark and milk chocolate.
  • Anyone seeking sleek luxury flooring without compromise for the most beautifully sumptuous space they can imagine.

You’ll either love its richness or hate it. Order a sample to day and find out where you stand.

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Product Description

Why Choose Rocher Oak Herringbone?

If you’re looking for a versatile, homely floor for day to day living, best look at something else. We have plenty of those to choose from, but this one’s not for you.

Rocher Oak is different. It’s better suited for inner sanctums, exclusive spas, 5 star boutique hotels, serious entertaining or consulting spaces. It’s for purveyors of luxury, dreams and elite service providers.

If you’re planning a luxury Airbnb romantic getaways, a high end therapy, or consultation suite, consider Rocher Oak. It’s a perfect flooring choice.

If you’re a bachelor, or bachelorette, creating your dream pad and want a floor to make your guests gasp, check this one out. It’s worthy of any Sultan’s Pleasure Dome or Sultana’s Chamber – just the spot to park a magic carpet.

Order a sample now and see how it fires up your imagination.


Rocher Oak follows the traditional 5:1 length to width ratio for herringbone parquetry. It’s this ratio that makes the distinctive herringbone flooring pattern what it is. Rocher Oak Herringbone blocks are 600mm long and 120mm wide.

It’s thicker than a lot of engineered wood floors, at 21mm tick, which makes for a reassuringly solid, high quality, feel underfoot.
This extra thickness also allows for a thicker oak top, or wear layer of 6mm.

Unlike many engineered floors, this is an all-real wood floor. The 15mm base is premium Russian birch wood ply. There’s no vinyl, MDF, HDF or other type of particle board used anywhere in the construction of our flooring.

Texture and Finish

This is a pre-finished wood floor, meaning the floor is ready to use without further treatment once laid.

It has a brushed, textured surface, which provides extra grip and a genuine hand crafted feel to the touch. The textured surface also helps make any scratches or dents that occur throughout its lifetime less visible.

Our expert craftsmen finish every block by hand in our Sussex workshop. We use a toughened wax oil which seals and protects the oak to keep it looking amazing for years. The surface sheen is silk matt.

There’s nothing like brushing your fingers over the organic textured surface to get a feel for what this floor is really like. Order a sample today, or book a visit to our showroom to experience it in person.

Floorboard Physical Specifications

Board / Block Width: Herringbone Parquet

Construction: 2 Layer Engineered

Thickness Total: 21mm

Board Thickness & Profile: 21mm--6mm-on-15mm

Wear Layer: 6mm

Core: 15mm Birchwood Ply

Length Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Micro Bevelled

End Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Micro Bevelled On All Four Surface Edges

Board Type: 600mm Herringbone

Length: 600mm

Pack Size: Variable - sold by the square metre

Floorboard Colour & Finish Details

Product Line: Rocher Oak

Finish: Toughened Wax Oil / Burnished

Grading: Character

Surface Sheen: Silk Matt

Surface Texture: Brushed / Textured


Rocher Oak Herringbone - 120mm Wide, 21mmThick
Rocher Oak Herringbone Flooring
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