Natural Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

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Product Summary

Meet our Natural Oak Engineered Wood Flooring range. Simple, effortless style for any space. Endless pairing potential.

Hand burnished and finished by expert craftsmen in our UK workshop.

Our secret blend of natural wood floor oils dries perfectly clear with a silky matt finish that’s natural to the touch. It’s specially blended to show off the true character and subtle hues of the oak grain in all its natural glory. Yet the toughened, ultra-low VOC wax oil seals and protects, ensuring you’ll enjoy its unspoiled natural appearance for years to come.

Available in 11 width options, including mixed / random width. All real wood, structural grade thickness.

Product Description

Natural In More Ways Than The Finish

The Naked Floors definition of natural oak goes beyond an invisible finish.

If you’re turned off by the uniform dimensions of mass-produced, flat pack floors, you’ll love how we help you avoid all that.

  • No two floorboards from Naked Floors are ever the same.
  • Our hand finishing process ensures every square inch of floorboard is subtly different.
  • Unless you want parquet, or herringbone, our floorboards only come in only in random length lots. We don’t sell uniform length flat packs!
  • For the ultimate in organic flooring design, you can randomise width as well as length, with one of the 6 mixed width options.

Natural Oak Flooring suitable for most home and commercial uses:

  • Living and sleeping and kitchen areas, including lofts.
  • Function rooms, open plan offices, restaurants.
  • Conservatories and basements.
  • Spaces with underfloor heating.
  • Lay directly on joists, plywood / particleboard or concrete screed.

Design and Pairing Potential

Natural oak wood flooring is supremely versatile, and makes it easy to create an original design aesthetic in your home or public space.

On cold, or overcast days it’s warm, sunny and inviting. When things get hot and stuffy, it’s cool, spacious and soothing underfoot.

It’s a no-brainer for contemporary rooms and Scandinavian style homes, but it provides almost limitless mixability in any situation. Natural oak flooring pairs well with most colours, and makes an especially good match for neutrals such as black, beige, grey and white.

About Naked Floors Engineered Oak Flooring

You can choose from 11 width options ranging from 90mm narrow oak floorboards, to 300mm extra wide plank natural oak. We also offer 6 mixed width combos, so you can find the perfect size for any room.

Like all our floorboards these are these are 100% real wood. There’s no particleboard / MDF / HDF component or vinyl. Just multiple layers of top quality timber combined for maximum durability and structural stability.

These are structural quality floorboards, which means you can lay them directly on timber joists, without the need for any other supporting platform. Structural grade floorboards normally need to be at least 18mm thick, whereas these are 21mm thick.

The complete thickness profile is 21mm thick, featuring a 6mm top, or wear layer of solid, natural oak, and a 15mm birch ply backing.

Note, the 6mm wear layer is easily thick enough to allow for light sanding, if you ever need to resurface your floorboards for any reason.

All our floorboards are tongue and groove all round, which makes for easy, snug fitting and alignment.


Floorboard Physical Specifications

Board / Block Width: 140mm, 180mm, 220mm, 300mm, 90mm, Mixed 220mm-180mm-140mm, Mixed-180mm-140mm-90mm, Mixed-220mm-180mm-90mm, Mixed-300mm-180mm-140mm, Mixed-300mm-180mm-90mm, Mixed-300mm-220mm-140mm

Construction: 2 Layer Engineered

Thickness Total: 16mm, 21mm

Board Thickness & Profile: 21mm--6mm-on-15mm

Wear Layer: 6mm

Core: 15mm Birchwood Ply

Length Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Micro Bevelled

End Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Square Surface End (No Micro Bevel, Designed For Continous Flow)

Board Type: Floorboard

Length: Random length consignments up to 3 metres max. Most boards per consignment are between 2m and 3m. There will also be a few boards shorter than 2m that can be used for starting individual rows.

Pack Size: Variable - sold by the square metre

Floorboard Colour & Finish Details

Product Line: Natural Oak

Finish: Toughened Wax Oil / Burnished

Grading: Character

Surface Sheen: Silk Matt

Surface Texture: Natural

180mm Wide Natural Oak Engineered Wood Flooring 21mm Thick
Natural Oak Engineered Wood Flooring
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