Clay Grey Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

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Product Summary

Our clay grey wood flooring provides a solid, cool, ashy brown tonality to form a natural, earthy base for your room with a slightly visible Oak grain. With their rustic-grade natural beauty, these engineered wood floors will subtly change colour with the light throughout the day. In addition, their silk matt finish gives them the classic neutrality of weathered real wood that will blend with almost any palette of furniture and decor.

Product Description

Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

The graphite-like colour with an underlying ash brown tone and fine undulating grain make the dark-grey-and-brown colour combination a standout. Its delicate grain pattern will remind you of Gabon Ebony. And though it does have a similar appearance, this wood flooring is more flexible and retains stability throughout seasons of changes.

Providing a visual anchor to any room, our clay grey wood floors are trendy among dark décor lovers. If you are looking for a sophisticated and luxurious flooring option, consider these clay grey oak floorboards.

Suitable for a Vast Range of Interior Designs

The clay grey oak floor has an unusually distinctive appearance, but it is highly versatile, visually and functionally. Design styles that this floor suits include:

  • Dark décor
  • Gothic
  • Modern Luxury
  • Colonial

The floors allow you to incorporate more detail into a minimalist interior. Their versatility makes them suitable for multiple architectural eras, including Regency and Victorian. So whether you are renovating a modern apartment or Victorian terrace, clay grey is a suitable option.

Another application might be as a background for luxury elements, such as impressive statement furniture. The wood’s natural texture offers an aesthetic complement to textures such as leather, metallics, and velvet. You can also combine the clay grey floor with natural wood or white surfaces with a lacquered finish, as long as the tones are cool, or place decorative area rugs upon it.

Structural Information

Our grey Oak flooring is available in three floorboard widths of 180 mm, 220 mm, and 300 mm (our wide plank). All flooring options are 21 mm thick, consisting of a 6 mm Oak top layer and 15 mm Birchwood plywood backing. If you’re looking for a different size please call or email and we’ll provide a quote. Don’t forget to mention Clay Grey Oak.

Due to the thickness and strength of this floor, it can withstand heavy foot traffic, among its many benefits. If you are upgrading a commercial establishment, such as a store or restaurant, this floor may be ideal. Residential installation options include living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Floorboard Physical Specifications

Board / Block Width: 140mm, 180mm, 220mm, 300mm, 90mm, Mixed 220mm-180mm-140mm, Mixed-180mm-140mm-90mm, Mixed-220mm-180mm-90mm, Mixed-300mm-180mm-140mm, Mixed-300mm-180mm-90mm, Mixed-300mm-220mm-140mm

Construction: 2 Layer Engineered

Thickness Total: 21mm

Board Thickness & Profile: 21mm--6mm-on-15mm

Wear Layer: 6mm

Core: 15mm Birchwood Ply

Length Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Micro Bevelled

End Profile: Tongue and Groove (T&G) / Square Surface End (No Micro Bevel, Designed For Continous Flow)

Board Type: Floorboard

Length: Random length consignments up to 3 metres max. Most boards per consignment are between 2m and 3m. There will also be a few boards shorter than 2m that can be used for starting individual rows.

Pack Size: Variable - sold by the square metre

Floorboard Colour & Finish Details

Product Line: Clay Grey Oak

Finish: Toughened Wax Oil / Burnished

Grading: Character

Surface Sheen: Silk Matt

Surface Texture: Smooth

Clay Grey Oak Engineered Wood Flooring - 220mm Wide, 21mmThick
Clay Grey Oak Engineered Wood Flooring
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