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White Fumed Oak Flooring

As you’ll see from the product photos, White Fumed Oak is not a pure white floorboard. Rather it’s dark with whitish grain highlights.

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The Naked Floors White Fumed Oak range has a timeless weathered look. Deep burnt fawny hues with a hint of Jacobean and a white wash.

It’s made with the traditional fuming process that dates back at least as far Victorian times, and possibly further. 

Fuming was very popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries, so it’s a sound choice for  authentic Victorian and Edwardian renovations

For complete authenticity and a character finish we offer optional hand ageing and distressing with all types of floorboard.


Fumed oak is also known as smoked oak. 

Contrary to popular belief though, smoke is not used at any point in the ‘smoking’ process. The fumes are actually ammonia fumes, derived from a strong solution of ammonia.

White oak is the preferred wood type because ammonia reacts best with the white grains in the wood.

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