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Unfinished Oak Flooring – Engineered

Premium quality unfinished engineered oak flooring at very competitive prices.

Urgent next day deliveries possible.

5 widths including wide plank plus mixed / random width options.

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Narrow, wide and extra wide floorboard options. We also offer some of the longest length floorboards available anywhere in Europe. 

Unfinished oak flooring is also known as untreated or raw oak flooring. 

Once laid, an unfinished wood floor needs to be treated with some kind of finish before it’s ready for use.

Popular finishing options include oil (typically a hard wax oil), lacquer, paint, lye (lime), or whitewash.

Why use Unfinished Wood Flooring Instead of Pre-finished Boards?

The most common reason for choosing unfinished oak is in situations where floorboards have to be installed on an uneven substrate.

Laying on an uneven supporting structure, e.g. supporting joists that are not level with each other results in bulges and protruding edges. 

Removing these and levelling off the floor calls for spot sanding work after the floor has been laid. You can’t spot sand a prefinished floor without removing the finish.

The other common reason for choosing unfinished floorboards would simply be a desire for total creative control over the finished floor. Your own finish, perhaps something you can’t find in prefinished form.  Or maybe the satisfaction that comes with doing it your own way, exactly as you choose.

Applying the finish once laid also leaves the way open for an identical refinish in the event of heavy wear or damage at some point in the future.

About Naked Floors Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring

All our floorboards are engineered rather than solid oak. That’s because engineered wood flooring is far more versatile and structurally stable than solid wood floorboards.

Naked Floors engineered oak floors are tongue and groove all round and comprise of a birch ply base with a thick solid oak wear layer surface. 

Our most popular floorboards are character grade oak, but we also supply prime grade oak. 

Character grade oak has a normal knot profile, whereas prime grade oak is carefully selected so that knots are not much bigger than a pinhead.

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