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Hamptons Style White Oak Floors

This engineered white oak flooring takes it name from the affluent summer home community on Long Island, New York. 

White floors and furnishings have long been a hallmark of the elegant airy beach house interiors for which The Hamptons are famous.

Broadly there are two types of white washed oak floorboard:

  • Classic lyed oak or limed oak. This is treated with lime to produce a grey white wash.
  • Pale oak painted with a white pigment, which produces a more intense white wash.

This New England style White Oak uses a white pigment to achieve an intense matt white wash that highlights the natural wood grain. 

After applying the pigment, we treat it with a natural wood oil.

If you’d like to achieve an arrestingly modern and lavish, yet light and airy effect, this finish will be hard to beat. 

In particular, we recommend you order a sample of the 300mm width boards. White wide plank oak is simply stunning!