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Wood Floor Restoration Reigate

Many homes and public buildings in Reigate have Original Wood Floors hidden away under an existing floor covering such as carpets and vinyl just crying out to be revived and restored to their former glory.

Naked Floors are proud to have been involved in some of the most exciting property restoration projects both commercial and residential in some of the finest period properties dating back to the 18th Century within the Reigate area.

Naked Floors Wood Floor Restoration services include the replacement of damaged floorboards and parquet blocks; where possible we source reclaimed floor boards or parquet blocks to match the existing colour of the Original Floorboards or Parquet Floor.

No matter what the condition of your floor, we have the experience and know how to transform your floors back to their original glory so they can be included as a main feature of your period property.

Whether your floors are collapsing in a corner, need completely uplifting and relaying, sub floor joists replaced, a few boards or Parquet Blocks missing or black perimeters, left by the Victorian’s when they used to paint the floor edges black and place rugs in the centre of floors, we will transform your floors.

Naked Floors will evaluate the condition of your existing floors and provide a quote for the restoration of your Wooden Floors.

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Naked Floors - Wood Floor Restoration


  • Wooden Floor Restoration Services includes the replacement of damaged Floorboards
  • Restoration of Parquet Wood Blocks, where possible we source Reclaimed Boards or Blocks to match the originals
  • Commercial and Residential Floor Restoration
  • Reclaimed Wooden Boards or Parquet Blocks made to match your existing colour
  • No matter what the present condition of your Wood Floor, we have the experience and know how to transform your Floors