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Wood Flooring Sanding Chichester

We have worked on numerous wooden floors of many different types in the Chichester area, both hardwood and softwood, including antique Parquet Floors and more modern Engineered Wood Floors, in both commercial and domestic environments, including pubs, clubs, shops, offices, schools, churches and gymnasiums.

Sanding Floors is not a doddle and as simple as collecting a floor sanding machine from a local hire shop, the process of sanding floors requires an extreme amount of physical energy and years of experience to achieve a top class finish that will produce a long lasting finish for your wood floor.

Yes it is possible to hire a machine and Sand Wood Floors yourself but unfortunately professional floor sanding machines required to sand a floor to achieve optimum results are not available from hire shops for DIY enthusiasts… Why? Because the sanding machinery is extremely heavy and in the hands of an untrained floor sanding machine operator a sanding and finishing machine can actually demolish a wall.

At Naked Floors we have invested heavily in Professional Floor Sanding Machinery that produces only the finest of finishes for Wood Floors. The machines we use produce final results way beyond what can be achieved with hire shop floor sanding machines, hire machines pump out extreme amounts of dust into the atmosphere compared to professional sanding machines that extract 99% of dust during the Floor Sanding Process.

There are Floor Sanding Companies in Chichester that falsely advertise their floor sanding services as being 100% dust free. Reality is: there is no such service available as Dust Free Floor Sanding.

At Naked Floors our machines are fitted with 99% dust extraction and most of our tools actually have a hoses attached to a dust extraction vacuum unit thus creating minimal dust. At Naked Floors we are equipped to sand your floors without polluting the atmosphere, ideal for commercial premises such as bars, restaurants, offices, schools and churches.

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REALITY CHECK: New Wood Floor vs Sanded Floor

What result do you really have in mind for your wood floor rennovation?

Naked Floors - Floor Sanding and Replacement

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*Sand and finish results like the one above are only possible when the original floorboards are in excellent condition.


Naked Floors - Floor Sanding and Replacement - Dark Hardwood

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*Sand and finish image above shows Victorian Oak Floorboards that were in excellent condition prior to rennovation.