Penthouse Wood Flooring With Soul: Designing An Old School Interior Using Repro Reclaimed Oak

Old School Interior Penthouse Flooring - Repro Reclaimed Oak

Buying a luxury penthouse flat as a bachelor pad is one thing. But it’s another to buy into that hackneyed old bachelor pad design concept…

You know the sort of thing. Lots of shiny metal, mirror on the ceiling, black satin sheets draped on a huge water bed, gadgets everywhere, medallion on bedside cabinet, chest wig in bedside cabinet drawer etc.

That was the problem facing one of our super cool clients planning his dream pad.

He’d just bought a penthouse apartment overlooking Arsenal’s home ground, the Emirates Stadium, in North London. As a diehard Arsenal supporter this was his perfect location.

But he just didn’t share the developer’s taste in penthouse bachelor pad interior design. With lots of laminate flooring and melamine flatpack fittings, it was a little too sympathetic to the medallion and black satin school for his liking.

He had his heart set on a more old school interior. Comfortable, familiar and blokishly cool, with an understated, been-there-for-ever kind of feel.

So inevitably, the gleaming vinyl laminate floors had to go, along with all the other cheesy modern fixtures.

The plan was to replace the laminate flooring with old school floorboards. Initially he liked the idea of antique reclaimed timber flooring.

Penthouse wood floor reclaimed wooden flooring

Old School Wood Flooring

As is often the case with recycled wood flooring, sourcing the wood in sufficient quantity proved too difficult.

None of the reclaimed timber flooring suppliers in the London area could provide enough reclaimed wood of consistent style for the whole apartment. And somehow the prospect of a funky patchwork of recycled wood pulled from obviously different environments didn’t match the vision.

So that’s when he contacted Naked Floors.

Having browsed our Repro’ Reclaimed range of engineered oak floors, he was drawn to the antique character of our Varley Hall floorboards.

Exactly What is Repro Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

We make our Repro Reclaimed Wooden floors from new engineered oak. To create an authentic, well-worn, antique floorboard look, we manually distress the wood to look just like well-worn, reclaimed floor timbers. They’re a popular choice in renovations of period buildings, where preservation of character is paramount.

Since we started making them, we’ve supplied numerous heritage restoration projects, including Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings

By the way, distressing is just a fancy name for roughing the wood up before we apply the finish. Basically, we pummel the surface with a range of blunt and sharp objects and manually tumble each floorboard to rough the edges.

It’s an entirely manual process. We avoid the use of machines to avoid that mass-produced uniform look. Every distressed floorboard that leaves our workshop is unique. No two boards are ever the same.

It’s not rocket science, but there is definitely an art to making the wood look like antique floorboards rather than wood that’s been mistreated by the builders.

Repro Reclaimed Oak Floor With Radiator
Varley Hall Repo Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Why Varley Hall?

We make Varley Hall floorboards from prime grade oak rather than the standard, character grade wood. Prime grade oak is classified as such because it has fewer, and smaller knots per square meter than character grade.

There’s nothing wrong with character grade wood. It’s purely a matter of taste and budget. Prime grade oak gives a smoother, more uniform look. Character grade oak has more knots. Most of our floorboards use character grade oak, but we can provide any of our finishes in either character, or prime grade oak.

Our Standard Varley Hall range only comes in narrow board widths. But because the client was particularly taken with antique look and feel of the floorboards, and wanted something wider, we made a special batch to order.

The Results

Most of the time we don’t have the luxury of being able to organise professional photos of carefully composed rooms.

The results you see here were hurriedly snapped with an iPhone just after the new floors had been laid as the client was moving back in.

But these pics do give you a pretty good idea of how our Repro Reclaimed Oak Flooring will look.

Looks aside, there are a few advantages to using a product like this rather than genuine reclaimed timber.

  • No on site finishing necessary. These wooden floors are pre-finished. That means no dust and mess from sanding, no time delays to allow each coat of finish to dry, no migraines from the newly applied finish.
  • Structural strength. These are new floorboards made from new wood, rather than wood that may be well over a hundred years old. Wood deteriorates over time, drying out and becoming more porous and brittle. So the life expectancy of a Repro Reclaimed Floor will be much higher than reclaimed timber. As an engineered floor, Repro Reclaimed floors comprise a high quality birch plywood bottom layer topped by a 6mm oak wear (top) layer. This makes them a lot stronger.
  • Lower Cost. It seems counter intuitive to think that reclaimed timber would cost more than a quality new wood floor. But when you add up the costs of hunting for the wood, possibly from several different sources, sanding and on site finishing recycled timber can often cost more than our Repro Reclaimed wood floors.

Looking for aged wood flooring?

Why not browse our Repro Reclaimed Wood Flooring range? If you don’t see anything you like there, check out some of other other finishes.

We make every batch to order and can distress any finish in any width to any intensity. If you like we can even simulate woodworm bores for extra character and charm.