About Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring for kitchens

Here at Naked Floors we’re probably best known amongst flooring, building and interior design professionals for our range of premium hand finished wide plank engineered wood flooring. We’ve been producing them to order from our Sussex Workshop for over a decade now. If you’re wondering if wide plank floors may suit your renovation or building […]

Buy a Cheap Wooden Floor that’s Kind to the Environment

Are you looking to buy a cheap wooden floor? When you’re planning a renovation budgeting and price is an important factor. However buying the cheapest wooden floor may not necessarily always be the best quality or more importantly the best value for your renovation.   Here’s a few things to consider: There is a much […]

Wide Plank Flooring in Interior Design

Wide plank flooring is a classic form of wooden floor and one of our most popular products. The timeless appeal of it’s natural warmth, character and low maintenance is a perfect combination for both modern and period homes. What is wide plank flooring Wide plank flooring consists of floorboards which are wider than 180mm which […]

Flooring trends – White wooden Flooring

White wooden floors Naked Floors blog

In 2019 there’s a new flooring trend under foot. White wooden flooring. Traditionally when you think of wooden floors you’ll think of wood bringing nature’s warm colours into your home. However white wooden flooring brings super chic minimalist Scandinavian style. Read on for a closer look at this stylish new flooring trend. Why choose White […]

Reclaimed wood floors vs Repro reclaimed floors

Relcaimed Wood Flooring Naked Floors

If you are restoring a period home you’ll want a floor to match the character of the building. Whilst you may think reclaimed wood floors are just what you need, have you considered using repro reclaimed floorboards? Repro reclaimed floorboards are something that we specialise in here at Naked Floors. We’ve worked with property owners, […]

Herringbone Pattern Floors and the revival of Parquet

Herringbone floor living room

Patterned wood floors are back! First came block pattern parquet, now the revival of herringbone pattern floors is one of the biggest trends to hit interiors in the past year. We see more and more of them in interior design magazines. As well as on the apps where home renovators source inspiration such as Pinterest, […]

Penthouse Wood Flooring With Soul: Designing An Old School Interior Using Repro Reclaimed Oak

Old School Interior Penthouse Flooring - Repro Reclaimed Oak

Buying a luxury penthouse flat as a bachelor pad is one thing. But it’s another to buy into that hackneyed old bachelor pad design concept… You know the sort of thing. Lots of shiny metal, mirror on the ceiling, black satin sheets draped on a huge water bed, gadgets everywhere, medallion on bedside cabinet, chest […]

Wood Flooring Project at Historic Manwood House – Sandwich, Kent

Manwood House Restoration

When we were asked to install new flooring at historic Manwood House in Sandwich, we knew we needed a flooring that would reflect all the charm and character of this incredible property. In choosing Sussex Burnt Oak we were staying true to the extraordinary history of this beautiful property with its stunning gardens