Wide Plank Wood Floors

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Wide Plank Wood Floor Boards are ideal for large rooms, period restorations and prestige new builds. They create an expansive mood, evoking a sense of old world substance, calm and confidence.

Choose either Oak or Douglas Fir in widths of up to 30 cm (11.8 inches).

Solid timber wide plank hardwood flooring is especially prone to crowning and cupping unless you can guarantee precise humidity control. That’s why we offer a semi engineered option instead. Semi engineered floorboards offer all the benefits of solid floor timbers without the risk of spoilage.

Colour and Finish Options

Using our range of natural oils we can mix any one of 1500 colours on demand. There’s also an unfinished option for all widths. If you don’t see a colour to suit your needs in our gallery we can colour match if needs be.

The Aged Look

Optional hand distressing is available for all products.


UK and Europe wide.

Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring´╗┐

Wide plank engineered oak flooring. Unfinished character grade oak. Requires finishing on site after installation. Prices start from £34.00 square metre.

White Fumed Oak Flooring

White Fumed Oak, Fumed oak floorboards with a combination of weathered white, brown and grey tones.

Wiversfield Wide Plank Engineered Wood Flooring

300mm wide plank oak flooring, hand crafted with gentle distressed surface and edges adding real charcter to any dwelling. Mixed Width Boards also available...

Golden Oak Flooring (Engineered & Oiled)

"Engineered Golden Oak OILED Wood Flooring". Engineered Wood Flooring, Naturally Oiled by hand. Board length upto 2.8 metres. Width's available from 90mm up to 300mm wide.

Random Width Engineered Oak Flooring

Random width engineered oak flooring, available as mixed width's ranging from 90mm up to 300mm wide plank floorboards.



Cafe Arabica Oak-Flooring

Cafe Arabica Engineered Wood Flooring is a carefully mixed combination of warm, inviting, autumnal colours. A popular choice for period properties and commercial premises.

Petworth Fawn Oak-Flooring

Wide Plank Engineered Oak Flooring offering a deep, rich fumed look with the tips of the grain highlighted with contrasting natural colours, grey, white and fawny brown...

Raw Umber Oak-Flooring

Wide Plank Engineered Smoked Oak Flooring, with soft grey tones. Featuring a combination of light to dark brown hues.

Laurel Oak Bark Oak-Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring White Washed Oak. The Oak Floorboards are fumed and offer an upward wash of white that is both subtle and practical adding style and interest to any environment.

Sussex Burnt Oak Flooring

'Sussex Burnt Oak' floorboards are extremely appealing. The dark wide oak boards consist of deep, burnt hues of brown and a hint of Jacobean.

Clay Grey Oak Engineered Flooring

Projecting a cool, contemporary feel, Clay Grey Wood Flooring offers a timeless look appealing to most tastes.

Charcoal Oak-Flooring

A contemporary platinum oak wood floor offering both modern and fluid simplicity. Well suited for both residential and commercial projects.

Brushed and Oiled Oak Flooring

Brushed and Oiled Oak Flooring. Available as Prime Grade or Character Grade Oak.

Board width's available from 90mm up to 300mm.

Sussex Burnt Oak Wide Plank Wood Flooring

'Sussex Burnt Oak' dark wide plank wood flooring consist of deep, burnt hues of brown and a hint of Jacobean

Dark Oak Wood Flooring (Fumed)

Sussex Dark Fumed Oak floorboards, offer subtle tinges of burgundy, maroon and plum, dominated by an overall shadow of wenge...

Mixed Width Wood Flooring

Mixed Width Wood Flooring, available as mixed width's ranging from 90mm up to 300mm wide plank floorboards.

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak Engineered Wide Plank Wood Floors

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak, Wide Plank Wood Floors.

Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir Flooring, prefinished, white wood floors.

Natural Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Natural Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, pre-finished and treated but with the look of a raw, untreated Oak Floor.

Hamptons Style White Oak Floors

White Oak Floors, Hamptons Style.

Wishy Washy White Wood Flooring, Naturally White Oiled...