Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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Reclaimed wood floorboards are great when you need a new floor that blends in with the character of an older building.

The trouble is, it’s hard to source enough matching reclaimed floorboards of decent quality to do the whole floor of a medium size room, let alone a whole storey.

And there are other issues with reclaimed wood flooring: Life expectancy, difficulties with installation of reused planks and the risk of warping and splitting in a new environment.

Our Repro’ Reclaimed Floorboard range neatly solves these problems, without any compromise on character. 

We carefully hand work and distress every plank to give it an authentic aged look. And once installed, it really is difficult to tell the difference.

The only giveaways are that there’s more life and spring in the timber and the installer looks a lot more confident when he tells you he’s finished.

One more thing - unlike reclaimed floorboards, ours are engineered and suitable for all types of installation

Varley Hall - Distressed Oak Flooring (prime grade)

Varley Hall 90mm wide, Narrow Prime Grade, Engineered Wood Flooring. Edge and surface distressed, hand scraped with an old worn feel of yesteryear.

londinium noir medieval chevron parquet

Londinium Noir Medieval Chevron Parquet.

Black, Aged and Distressed Chevron Parquet Flooring

Narrow Oak Floorboards

Prime grade engineered oak, unfinished narrow floorboards which have been tumbled and surface distressed to give an old, worn feel.

Aged Oak Flooring

Hand distressed to include scraped edges, replicated surface cracks and hand bored woodworm.

'Repro Reclaimed French Parquet Chevron'

Repro,' Reclaimed French Parquet Chevron. Parquet Flooring in a Chevron Pattern Design, Hand Crafted within our UK wood floor workshop.

'Shabby Chic' Ocean Spray Chevron Parquet Floor

Shabby Chic Ocean Spray Chevron Parquet Wood Floors.

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak Engineered Wide Plank Wood Floors

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak, Wide Plank Wood Floors.