Reclaimed wood flooring is the perfect way to ground your newly renovated space with a sense of heritage.

It also provides wonderful contrast for rooms whose design is otherwise contemporary.

The characteristic of salvaged wood that’s so highly prized is its well-worn surface.

All the magic is in the irregular bumps, blemishes and scratches that combine to create a one-of-a-kind organic effect.

That’s why you’d normally lay reclaimed floorboards with their worn surface upward, rather than reversed.

The Naked Floors Repro’ Reclaimed Wood Flooring Range

Naked Floors has long been involved with period restorations of listed buildings.

Originally a floor renovation business, the first floors we manufactured ourselves were reproduction reclaimed oak floorboards.

Many clients would ask us to use reclaimed hardwood. But we often found it too hard to source salvaged floorboards of suitable quality and consistency.

So we created this range to satisfy the demand for a wide range of colours and styles of floorboard with aged characteristics.

Varley Hall - Distressed Oak Flooring (prime grade)

Varley Hall - Distressed Oak Flooring (prime grade)

Varley Hall 90mm wide, Narrow Prime Grade, Engineered Wood Flooring. Edge and surface distressed, hand scraped with an old worn feel of yesteryear.

londinium noir medieval chevron parquet

londinium noir medieval chevron parquet

Londinium Noir Medieval Chevron Parquet.

Black, Aged and Distressed Chevron Parquet Flooring

Narrow Oak Floorboards

Narrow Oak Floorboards

Prime grade engineered oak, unfinished narrow floorboards which have been tumbled and surface distressed to give an old, worn feel.

Aged Oak Flooring

Aged Oak Flooring

Hand distressed to include scraped edges, replicated surface cracks and hand bored woodworm.

'Repro Reclaimed French Parquet Chevron'

'Repro Reclaimed French Parquet Chevron'

Repro,' Reclaimed French Parquet Chevron. Parquet Flooring in a Chevron Pattern Design, Hand Crafted within our UK wood floor workshop.

'Shabby Chic' Ocean Spray Chevron Parquet Floor

'Shabby Chic' Ocean Spray Chevron Parquet Floor

Shabby Chic Ocean Spray Chevron Parquet Wood Floors.

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak Engineered Wide Plank Wood Floors

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak Engineered Wide Plank Wood Floors

Repro' Reclaimed Grey Barn Oak, Wide Plank Wood Floors.

Choose Your Style

Whether you want Tudor style extra wide oak boards, dark Medieval, or light Hungarian parquet, Edwardian narrow fumed oak or one of the many other styles on offer, we can provide as much as you need.

All our Repro’ Recycled Floorboards can be hand-distressed to any intensity you desire.

If you like, we can even simulate woodworm bores for added effect.

All Naked Floors Repro’ Reclaimed flooring is 21mm thick engineered oak - tongue and groove all round.

Issues With Reclaimed Timber Flooring

Wood inevitably degrades as it ages. It warps, dries out and becomes brittle.

So by the time they’re a hundred years old or so, salvaged floorboards are inferior to their original state.

Compared to new engineered floorboards, recycled floorboards have a relatively short life expectancy too.

And when choosing your flooring, it’s worth bearing in mind that floorboards play a different role to decorative recycled fittings such as antique wooden panels and doors. Floorboards often need to bear substantial weight.


For medium and larger sized rooms, colour consistency is also likely to be an issue unless you’re going for a patchwork effect with random colours. Sourcing large quantities of the recycled wood from the same site is usually problematic.

Suitable Uses

Because it’s engineered oak the Naked Floors Repro Reclaimed Flooring range is suitable for all installations, including kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and loft conversions as well as normal living spaces.

Our floorboards can be laid on floor joists, concrete substrates and even on heated floors.

By contrast salvaged wood flooring is almost always solid timber.

Unlike engineered wood flooring, solid wood floorboards are much more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

They expand and contract as humidity and temperature varies.

Without room for lateral movement they tend to “crown” and “cup” and can even cause structural damage to surrounding walls.

As such it’s unwise to use salvaged floorboards in any setting prone to changes in temperature and humidity.

Salvaged wood flooring is wholly unsuitable for modern. Well- insulated, centrally heated rooms.