Mixed Width Hardwood / Oak Floors


The Mixed width hardwood floors are available as width's ranging from 90mm up to 300mm for you to create your own mixed width hardwood floors.

Available as rustic oak full of character (with knots) or prime oak (with pinhole size knots). Or if your prefer real traditional looking mixed width hardwood floors, combine character rustic grade with prime grade oak.

All the mixed width hardwood floors within the Naked Floors range are produced without compromise to our in house specification, to consist of the finest quality multi layered, cross bonded birchwood base below the tongue and groove of the floorboards and a chunky surface of Solid Oak to form an extremely stable semi solid engineerd hardwood floor for maximum stability.

This exclusive range of random width semi solid hardwood floors are suitable for all methods of hardwood floor installation, including Nail Down, Glue Down, Floating, and are compatible with Under Floor Heating Systems.



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21mm x 90mm / 21mm x 140mm / 21mm x 180mm:

From GBP 44.25 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 53.10 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 140mm / 21mm x 220mm / 21mm x 300mm:

From GBP 56.65 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 67.98 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 90mm / 21mm x 180mm / 21mm x 220mm:

From GBP 47.30 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 56.76 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 140mm / 21mm x 180mm / 21mm x 300mm:

From GBP 55.15 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 66.18 inc VAT / sqm.)


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Available Raw - Unfinished or Choose From Our Range of 1500 Colours


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Unfinished or Hand Finished with Hardwax OIl


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• Character Rustic Grade Oak or Prime Grade Oak

• Tongue and Groove All Round

• Available in a choice of width's ranging from 90mm up to 300mm, unfinished or prefinished with a choice of colour. Distressed or non distressed.

Board Dimensions:

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Available as:

21mm x 90mm

21mm x 140mm

21mm x 180mm

21mm x 220mm

21mm x 300mm

Installation Suitability:

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- Nail Down - Directly onto Joists or Ply-Wood (never nail any wood floor onto chipboard)

- Glue Down - Directly onto Latex or Cement Screed, Chipboard or Plywood

- Floating Installation

- On to Kiln Dried Battens


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OPTION A: Supply Only (you organize the installation)

OPTION B: Supply Fit (Naked Floors supply and install)