Cafe Arabica Oak-Flooring


Cafe Arabica Engineered Oak Flooring is a carefully mixed combination of warm, inviting, autumnal colours which create a fusion of warmth to any abode.

The depth of colour and warm tones will create an inviting, relaxed and cozy atmosphere within residential living areas and bohemian cafe bars.

Board width's are available ranging from 90mm (9cm) up to 300mm (30cm) wide.

Produced and engineered with the utmost precision, 'Cafe Arabica' oak floorboards are hand finished with passion.

Produced to order an delivered throughout the UK.


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21mm x 90mm: GBP 50.50 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 60.60 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 140mm (not wide oak floorboards): GBP 55.00 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 66.00 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 180mm Wide Oak Boards: GBP 60.50 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 72.60 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 220mm Wide Oak Boards: GBP 65.50 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 78.60 inc VAT / sqm.)

21mm x 300mm Wide Oak Boards: GBP 81.00 + VAT / sqm.

(GBP 97.20 inc VAT / sqm.)


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Naked Floors 'Cafe Arabica'


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Naked Floors Hardwax Oil


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• Character Grade European Oak with Small to Medium Knots

• Tongue and Groove All Round

Board Dimensions:

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Available as:

21mm x 90mm

21mm x 140mm

21mm x 180mm Wide Oak Boards

21mm x 220mm Wide Oak Boards

21mm x 300mm Wide Oak Boards

Installation Suitability:

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- Nail Down - Directly onto Joists or Ply-Wood (never nail any wood floor onto chipboard)

- Glue Down - Directly onto Latex or Cement Screed, Chipboard or Plywood

- Floating Installation

- On to Kiln Dried Battens


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OPTION A: Supply Only (you organize the installation)

OPTION B: Supply Fit (Naked Floors supply and install)