Wiversfield Wide Plank Engineered Wood Flooring


Wiversfield Wide Oak flooring is a classic, natural, sunny light oak.

It evokes the understated splendour of an affluent long gone age.

Available in widths of either 220mm or 300mm and random lengths up to 3 metres.

It’s cut and finished to meet demands of architects and interior designers at the vanguard of current design trends.

The Wide plank oak flooring revival is a new and growing trend in high end design. It’s used in everything from lavish renovations to big open, light and airy, modern spaces.

But it’s never going to become mainstream or run-of-the-mill.

Wide oak floorboards are much harder to source than their narrow counterparts. That makes them a more pricey, exclusive timber floors.

They’re simply beyond reach for the average interior design or renovation budget.


Why Wiversfield Wide?

If you’re seeking an unprocessed, organic looking, natural wow factor, the Wiversfield Wide Oak range is hard to beat. You’ll find it becomes a talking point with all your guests.

Admiration aside, it will bring everything to your space that  oak symbolises in our culture: strength, security, heritage, provenance, prestige and good taste.

As a wide plank engineered oak floor, the Wiversfield range is suitable for any installation type. From kitchens and bathrooms with heated floors, to direct fitting on attic floor joists or concrete substrates.


For Heritage Sites and Period Renovations

Do you need your new floor to blend with period surroundings and look like it’s been there for ever? 

If so, we can use manual distressing techniques to give the surfaces and edges that reassuringly authentic aged look. 

If needs be we can even simulate woodworm bores for added character and charm.


The Naked Floors Difference

Naked Floors is an artisan business operated by master craftsmen.

We produce all flooring consignments to order and finish them by hand in our Sussex workshop in the UK.

If you're looking for flooring that's unique and clearly not mass produced, that's what you'll find on this website and if you visit our Sussex showroom. No two floorboards leaving our workshop are ever the same.

We use a ultra low VOC (volatile organic compound) natural hard wax oils to finish the Wiversfield Range.

We also use a natural air drying process rather than the rapid UV curing methods of low cost mass producers.

This is better for your health and the environment. It also makes for a far superior finish that’s much easier to maintain in the long term.

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21mm x 220mm Wide Oak Boards

MRSP: £111.00/ m2 Inc VAT

21mm x 300mm Wide Oak Boards

MRSP: £134.25/ mInc VAT


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Naked Floors 'Wiversfield': Light Oak, Fawn, Biscuit Brown


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Naked Floors Hardwax Oil


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A 300mm wide Engineered Rustic Grade Oak Board, available in a choice of widths of either 220mm or 300mm.

Board Dimensions:

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Available as:

21mm x 220mm Wide Oak Boards

21mm x 300mm Wide Oak Boards

Installation Suitability:

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- Nail Down - Directly onto Joists or Ply-Wood (never nail any wood floor onto chipboard)

- Glue Down - Directly onto Latex or Cement Screed, Chipboard or Plywood

- Floating Installation

- On to Kiln Dried Battens


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Produced to order.