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Why use Unfinished Wood Flooring?

Unfinished Wood Floor

As the name suggests, Unfinished Wood Flooring needs to be treated with some form of finish before it’s suitable for use.

Unfinished Wood Flooring vs Pre-finished
Unfinished wood flooring is a perfect solution if you need flooring to be laid on an uneven surface.

Once installed, this flooring allows for easier spot sanding, unlike pre-finished flooring, where you would need to remove the finish when sanding.

So when it comes laying down flooring on uneven surfaces, unfinished wood flooring trumps pre-finished.

Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring 220mm

Unfinished wood flooring also gives you creative freedom over the finish that you apply once the flooring is laid.

You may want a finish that you can’t find in pre-finished form, or just want to have the satisfaction of finishing your flooring.

Either way, you can have the exact same finish to retouch your flooring as and when required.

Unfinished wood floors are a great solution for rooms that are centrally heated or prone to humidity changes.  Making it a perfect flooring solution for kitchens, bathrooms, attics and even conservatories.

Solid oak planks can’t handle the above – they expand, contract and warp – another reason to choose engineered oak.

Naked Floors’ Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring

We specialise in engineered oak, simply because it is superior in versatility and structural stability, in comparison to solid wood flooring.

Our unfinished engineered floors are suitable for many types of installation, including nail down, glue down and floating.

They are also ideal to lay over both concrete screed and heated floors.

If you’re after premium quality unfinished engineered oak flooring at competitive prices, call Naked Floors on 01273 457 705 or e-mail enquiries@nakedfloors.com.

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